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Getting Started: What to Discuss in Your First Meeting with a Piano Teacher

Updated: May 3

Embarking on your piano learning journey is an exciting step, and your first meeting with a piano teacher sets the tone for a rewarding experience ahead. It's natural to feel a mix of anticipation and curiosity about what to expect during this initial encounter. Fear not! Here's a guide to help you navigate your introductory meeting with your piano teacher, ensuring that you make the most of this valuable opportunity to kickstart your musical adventure.

1. Share Your Musical Background and Experience

Begin by sharing a bit about yourself and your musical journey so far. Have you dabbled in other instruments before? Have you taken piano lessons in the past? Sharing these details will give your teacher insights into your level of experience and what you hope to achieve.

2. Discuss Your Goals and Aspirations

What are your aspirations when it comes to playing the piano? Whether you dream of mastering classical pieces, composing your own music, or simply playing for your own enjoyment, your goals shape the direction of your lessons. Be honest and specific about what you hope to accomplish.

3. Express Your Learning Preferences and Style

Everyone has their own unique learning style. Do you prefer learning by ear, reading sheet music, or a combination of both? Let your teacher know how you learn best, as well as any particular teaching methods or approaches that resonate with you.

4. Identify Challenges and Areas for Improvement

Don't shy away from discussing the areas of piano playing that you find challenging. Whether it's mastering tricky rhythms, improving your technique, or conquering stage fright, your teacher is here to help you overcome these obstacles and grow as a musician.

5. Address Practicalities and Logistics

Clarify logistical details such as lesson frequency, preferred days and times, and access to a piano or keyboard for practice at home. Ironing out these practicalities from the get-go ensures smooth sailing as you dive into your lessons.

6. Explore Additional Interests and Opportunities

Beyond piano playing, are you interested in delving into music theory, composition, or even performance opportunities? Share any other musical interests or aspirations you have so that your teacher can tailor your lessons to encompass these facets of your musical journey.


Your introductory meeting with your piano teacher is an invaluable opportunity to lay the groundwork for a fulfilling and enriching learning experience. By openly discussing your background, goals, preferences, and challenges, you pave the way for personalized lessons that cater to your individual needs and aspirations. So, embrace this chance to connect with your teacher, and get ready to embark on an exciting musical adventure together!

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